Our clinics are well equipped with X-ray units and X-ray developing capabilities.

X-rays Provider

Chiropractic physicians are well trained in performing and interpreting X-rays. In reality, Chiropractic physicians receive more training and education in radiology than the standard M.D.

Dr. Robert Warley of East Chiropractic Center has an additional 100 hours of post-graduate X-ray study and over 20 years of experience in the application and interpretation of X-rays.

Our clinics go above and beyond in performing safe operating procedures as patient welfare is our primary concern. Chiropractic Radiology (X-ray) is of utmost importance in diagnosis and the treatment of our patients. X-rays are performed to rule out serious pathology or fractures in the case of trauma.

Hospital E.R's often perform X-rays on trauma patients such as those involved in auto accidents. The E.R radiologist screen the X-rays for fractures or dislocations which are vitally important but the Chiropractic Physician performs so much more. In addition to ruling out gross trauma or osteopathogy The Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates the biomechanical and structural aspects of the patient's X-ray.

The hospital E.R radiologist often overlooks These structural problems. The Chiropractic physician correlates these positive X-ray signs with the patient's symptoms and exam findings. These structural problems on the X-rays often manifest as patient symptoms even if the radiologist concluded the X-rays were negative.

Also, our clinic document the X-ray findings, this can be used by the patient for a multitude of reasons such as disability and auto accident claims.

Our clinics provide the safest and most thorough application and interpretation of X- Rays. These findings are extremely important in reaching the most thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. We strive for nothing less than 100% patient satisfaction, safety and quality care and X-rays are an essential process in this endeavor.

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