TEXT NECK: The New Epidemic?


What is Text Neck?
As Dr. Dean Fishman stated “a problem with correct posture”. This condition can cause an assortment of symptoms such as:

  • sore necks,
  • stiffness,
  • headaches,
  • and tingling / numbness into the arms and hands.

Pain radiating down the arm into the hands and can lead to vertebral disc related problems as well.

How does “Text neck” develop?

It develops as people continually use any device that causes the neck to be in a flexed position, that is a “forward and downward” facing direction such as commonly occurring when viewing devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, kindles, etc.

This puts a constant stretch on the musculature and over time weakens them. As the musculature weakens, they are not able to properly hold the joints in the proper positions. These devices are used by all ages and nowadays are seen just about everywhere at anytime.

The Safe Way To Hold View Your Phone.

If the public is not educated on the proper way to hold/use these devices, these type of conditions will continue to be on the rise. As Chiropractors, we need to instruct people to hold their arms straight out and look ahead while using these devices. It may seem wrong at first but it can save their necks. We can recommend taking extended breaks from these devices while performing some neck extension exercises. Regular neck adjustments should also be advised as people utilize smart devices more and more. Whatever happened to just using these devices to make phone calls?

Articles: Beware text neck too much gadget use: Kimberly Hayes Taylor, msn.com contributor

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Blog Written by Dr. Shane Tegenkamp of Queen City Chiropractic


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