Pleasant Treasures in Lindenwald: A Real Treasure.


Lindenwald Flea MarketPleasant Treasures in Lindenwald is a second-hand and consignment shop open year round. The people who make the goods and sell on consignment seem to be just regular mom-and-pop people, (Aren’t we all in Ohio?).
The folks at Pleasant Treasure are very friendly but don’t be fooled, they can negotiate with
the best of them.

A kind of a throw-backĀ flea market; you see a wide variety of things for sale.

If you are looking for creative goods, great deals, and a good time we highly recommend that you stop into Pleasant Treasures. Especially since spring is just around the corner.

Find the Hidden Treasure!

Flea Markets and consignment shops are fun to shop at because you never know what jewel lies in rough. Hunting for bargains and hidden treasures is what flea markets are all about. Pleasant Treasures is a perfect place to hunt for that treasure you have been looking for.

The Flea Market is family owned and operated; a great way to support the small locally owned business.

Flea Markets are a great way to experience the culture of an area. Come and explore the culture of Hamilton, Oh at Pleasant Treasures.

We’ll see you there.

Queen City Chiropractors supports small business owners in Hamilton, OH.

Here is their location via Google Maps:


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