Office Posture and Positioning Your Body


Posture is important when sitting in office chairs and at a workstation for extended periods of time. Many people spend many hours in front of computers. This can result in back pain or neck pain. A consistent, comfortable workstation can depend on where the computer screen is situated, where the hands and feet are placed, and the kind of office chair.

Alot of a personal daily work discomfort may be avoided by using some simple solutions.

1. Adjusting the office chair, the computer screen and even desk positioning.
2.Modifiying your sitting position in an office chair. A lot of people sit towards the front of the chair and end up hunched forward looking at the screen. You should sit all the way back in the chair and keep your shoulder/back against the back of the chair. This helps to keep your neck and head up erect. Frequent stretching and walking breaks should be taken when sitting for extended periods of time.

If standing on a concrete floor is required at work, it is best to wear shoes with good support and cushioning. A rubber mat placed on the concrete floor will ease pressure on the back and enhance the favorable ergonomic conditions. Use a railing or box to prop one foot up while standing to help take pressure off the back. This standing position takes some practice. Remember to change feet and positions every 20 minutes.

Posture is very important both at home and on the job. Back-friendly posture is a valuable component of preventing or managing back pain while performing any activity. Remember to keep your head directly over your shoulders, keep your shoulders back, and place feet slightly apart. One foot should be slightly in front of the other and the knees should be slightly bent. If this posture is new it may feel strange at first, but after some time it will feel normal.


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