Myofascial Trigger Points and Chiropractic Care



Myofascial trigger points are hyper-irritable and painful areas in the muscle that result from
injury, abnormal muscle metabolism or abnormal biomechanical stress.

Chiropractic physicians routinely encounter myofascial trigger points in their clinics and have good results helping patients with these clinical problems. The medical community often treats myofascial trigger points with injections and/or muscle relaxants. Although these offer some results, the chiropractic approach, which is all natural, is superior and lacks the side effects of medications.

Chiropractic care involves treating trigger points with physical modalities such as ultrasound, EMS and/or massage. Also,  stretching techniques specific to the muscles involved are very helpful at alleviating this condition. In addition, chiropractic physicians are well trained in nutritional protocols and use nutritional and/or supplementation to augment the manual methods.

This nutritional approach, which is often overlooked in the medical community, is very valuable, as myofascial trigger points often exhibit a faulty muscle biochemical and metabolic profile.

In summary, myofascial trigger points are a clinical condition which is all too common in today’s world which is full of stress, poor diets and lifestyle and injuries from a wide array of causes. An all-natural approach offered by the Doctor of Chiropractic can effectively treat this condition and allow the individual to function at optimum levels.


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