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Dr. Tegenkamp is a Northwest Ohio native who grew up enjoying country living.

After high school he attended the Ohio State University in Lima Ohio before going on to Life University in Marietta, GA. Dr. Tegenkamp graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in March of 1995 and has been serving the people of Southwest Ohio since 1996.

My Chiro Story: Back in my teenage years I sustained a lower back injury from playing basketball. My parents did the “normal thing” and took me to a local MD and was given medication, advised to wear a back brace and cease current activites. After about a month of no improvement, I was sent for physical therapy. This therapy did not help. So after another month, my father took me to a local chiropractor. After a couple of visits, I was back to playing sports. That’s when I decieded to see what Chiropractic was all about. After 19 years in practice, I’m sure glad I did.


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