Andropause, The Male Menopause.


Andropause is the male counterpart to menopause which affects females. It occurs most frequently to males in their forties, fifties and sixties.

Andropause is characterized by low testosterone levels, loss of muscle, depression, weight gain and many other undesirable features.

What  Can You Do About Andropause?

The good news is that andropause can be effectively dealt with by:

  1. exercise,
  2. lifestyle modification,
  3. weight loss
  4. and supplements.

The first step is to exercise.

There are two types of exercise best suited for battling the effects of Andropause: Resistance Training and High Intensity Training.

Body Fat Turns Testosterone into Estrogen!
Resistance training involving large muscle groups and high-intensity interval training that involves short periods of intense effort interspersed with longer periods of less intense effort can elevate testosterone levels in the male body. These forms of exercise elevate metabolism which results in body fat loss. Loss of body fat is particularly effective at raising testosterone since the aromatase enzyme, which is found in body fat, converts free testosterone to the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, less fat equals less conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Reduce Your Stress.

Secondly, lifestyle modifications such as stress management can work wonders for elevating testosterone. The stress hormone Cortisol directly competes with testosterone at the androgen binding
sites. A diet that is unprocessed (clean), low in refined sugar and full of healthy fats such as olive oil, limited amount of grass fed beef and chicken can also positively effect this virile hormone.

Less Insulin Means More Testosterone.

Also, a diet focused on a moderate amount of carbs can reduce insulin levels. An inverse relationship between insulin and testosterone exist (if insulin goes down then testosterone goes up).

Lastly, supplementing with over the counter items such as mucuna pruriens, zinc, vitamin C and
fish oils can provide good results. The natural approach to low testosterone is superior to hormone
replacement therapy since testosterone injections are costly and have side effects such as shutting
down one’s natural hormone production.

In summary, diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications can restore normal testosterone production
during andropause and improve the quality of life of a middle aged man. Testosterone is a major player in the hormonal team
that produces youthful vigor, energy, and masculinity.

Yours in health,
Dr. Robert Warley B.S, D.C.


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