5 Benefits of Pediatric Medical Massage


Stress comes in varying forms, but it affects children as well as adults. Here are five ways pediatric massage can alleviate physical and psychological stress, and benefit your child in other ways too.

1. Soothe Growing Pains

Human beings grow quickly. Imagine if your body was growing at as rapid pace as your child. Your bones, tendons, and muscles would ache. Pediatric massage can alleviate these aches and pains.

2. Relieve Stress

It is hard to know how much stress children are feeling, but they are undoubtedly feeling stress, some more than others. Pediatric massage helps alleviate stress in children while beginning a relationship with a doctor and activating their understanding of health and wellness.

3. Build an Understanding From the Beginning That Health Matters

If children understand their own health before they go into high school, they are more likely to make positive food choices and choices regarding smoking, drinking (and binge drinking), and staying up too late thereby losing sleep. When you start the relationship with a doctor early on, you prime your children to understand that their actions affect their health, and their health affects their success and achievements.

4. An Opportunity for a Doctor to Identify Other Issues

A pediatric massage is not a therapy session.  But if a child is experiencing traumatic situations or is dealing with abuse, a doctor can often spot this during a massage session.

5. Alleviate the Grumpiness

We often don’t know what is bothering our children. They live with physical pain and burdens on their minds they may not tell us about. It is not a guarantee that massage will help, but it is highly likely that a pediatric massage will have a calming effect on your child. A calmer child may be better able to communicate and more open to listening, which, as any parent knows, can be invaluable.

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